/ p o r t f o l i o

72" x 24" Workbench
72" x 24" Workbench Frame
72" x 24" Workbench Lower Shelf
72" 24" Workbench Upright Pegboard Mount
Item West (subcontracted) Calibration Cabinets
Item West-Cal. Cabinet: RF Filtering Outlet Vent
Item West-Cal. Cabinet: RF Filtering Fan Inlet Vent
Item West Cal. Cabinet: Device Pedestal
Hardware Storage, Drawer Labels
Hardware Storage, Bin Labels
Hardware Storage, QR Reorder Label
3D Printed Scale of Equipment Rack Prototype
3.5 W Speaker Build with MDF
3.5 W Speaker Battery Charging Board and 2-Ch Audio Amp
3.5 W Speaker Built with Walnut Face andWalnut Veneered MDF
Walnut 3.5 W Speaker Internal Structure
Yamaha XS750 Chain Tensioner Made with Teflon, Machined on a Mill
XS750 Teflon Chain Tensioner
Off Grid Power: 2x 100 Ah Deep Cycle Batteries w/ 300 W Pure Sine Inverter-Mounted to 72" x 24" Workbench
Lighting Powered by Off Grid Power Setup
40mm and 25mm Wide 7-port Manifolds Made with 80/20 Extrusion
40mm Manifold Installed on Weight Validation Bench
40mm Manifold Installed on Production Line Bench
25mm Manifolds Installed in Parallel on Metrology Benches
High Flow Compressed Air Bench Manifolds, Build with Parker/Transair Pipe and Hose
Parker Transair System, Machine Side
Parker Transair System 1/4 Primary Valve
3-D Printed Xacto Knife Case
96" W x 36" D x 72" H Partitioned Workstation
96" W x 36" D x 72" H Partitioned Workstation
Low Profile Heavy Duty Shelving w/ 250 lb Capacity per Shelf